The Société de Sciences Natureless in Montebon, a “reference”

Société de Sciences Naturelles de Tarn-et-Garonne is a naturalist association, formed in 1951. Pierre Ciurac chaired it since 2012, surrounded by 11 members of the board of directors and more than 150 members or sympathizers. Whether they are experts, enthusiasts or simply wish to explore nature, everyone finds themselves in the various thematic groups presented: ornithology, botany, entomology, geology, mud mold, fungi …

How do you face the current situation?

Our activities have been disrupted by the health crisis. However, by focusing on individual activities, we are continuing to innovate, survey and monitor. On the other hand, we can no longer offer field trips or activities and our supernatural observatory is closed in the center of the reserve at the confluence of Taran and Geron.

do you have any plans?

One of the major projects of SSNTG will be to expand its natural activities in the coming years. Actually, we want to be a departmental reference for local authorities, decentralized state services, other unions. We desire our field knowledge, our technical expertise and our global and practical vision to better understand the biodiversity of our beautiful department.

What are your wishes

May Nature regain its central place, and Homo sapiens may be the main actor in redefining biodiversity. This is his only long-term future.

Contact Victor Brun Natural History Museum, 2nd Place Bourdelle in Montauban – – – [email protected] – 07 68 27 77 29.

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