The Sixth Science, Episode 55: Fighting the Tiger Mosquito

Buzzzz. Do you recognize the sound of a tiger mosquito? This insect carrier of tropical diseases not only disturbs your nights, but also permanently settles in France. 55 for themI episode, sixth science, Scientific Podcast of science and the future and 20 minutes, tells you all about this dreaded enemy which is now the subject of increased surveillance.

The tiger mosquito that came to France in 2004

On the microphone, Loïc Chauvau, a journalist specializing in environmental topics; science and the future, and from Romain Golloumes 20 minutesBut not mosquitoes.

However, with the beautiful weather, aedes albopictus, is back in our temperate climate. A presence now synonymous with the spread of tropical diseases: Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue. Arrived in France in 2004, this sedentary Asian insect (it never moves more than 200 meters from its place of birth) is present in 64 departments today. Thus in 2020 three dengue outbreaks were identified in the south of France. At the same time, to prevent it from harming, scientists are organizing and using key tools: development of new insecticides, sterilization and radiation operations.

How to help with mosquito control

By listening to this episode, you will also know how you can contribute to the fight against mosquitoes. Emptying your flower pots, brushing, etc.).

And if you want to learn more about mosquito control, check out this topic in full in the July-August 2021 summer double issue of Science et Avenir, for sale on its newsletter. You can also dive between two bites In the Archives of the Sixth Science.

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