The situation in the world has improved

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed across the world this week, according to the latest data collected by AFP. The indicator has dropped significantly (-6% from the previous week), with 555,000 contaminations recorded daily in the world this week, according to an AFP report that closed on Thursday.

The pandemic had been gaining ground again since mid-June, fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant, which has become the majority in many countries. But it has been declining for three weeks now.

This week, most regions of the world are seeing an improvement in their position: -20% in Asia, -14% in Africa and the Middle East, -13% in the Latin America/Caribbean region and -4% in Europe.

Elsewhere, the situation is worsening in the United States/Canada region (+12%) and Oceania (+3%), where the coronavirus spreads relatively rarely.

Botswana is the country where the epidemic is accelerating the most (+97%, 1,200 new cases per day) with at least 1,000 daily infections recorded during the past week. Romania (+85%, 3,100), Lithuania (+54%, 1,200), Ukraine (+53%, 3,500) and Serbia (+50%, 6,500) follow.

In contrast, it is Japan (-44%, 7,700 new cases per day), which recorded the sharpest decline this week, Indonesia (-37%, 4,000), South Africa (-35%, 4,300), Morocco (-33 %), 2,400) and Argentina (-32%, 2,300).

The United States, so far, remains the country with the absolute highest number of new infections this week (170,000 daily cases, + 12%), ahead of India (29,600, -26%) and the United Kingdom. uni (29,600 , -23%).

By population ratio, excluding micro-states, the country with the most new cases this week is Israel (760 per 100,000 residents), ahead of Serbia (637) and Mongolia (588).

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The United States has recorded the most daily deaths this week at 2,206, ahead of Russia (780), where a source of contamination was detected in the Kremlin, forcing Vladimir Putin to self-isolate from Tuesday , and Mexico (600).

Globally, there was a very slight increase in daily deaths (9,171 per day, +1%). The countries with the fastest vaccinations this week are mainly in Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

With its own three-dose vaccines, Cuba has the fastest rate among countries with more than a million people, dosing 2.15% of its population every day. Iran (1.51%), South Korea (1.49%), New Zealand (1.20%) and Kosovo (1.08%) follow.

But vaccination campaigns in most of these countries are still far from the United Arab Emirates (195 doses per 100 inhabitants), Uruguay (172), Israel (169), Qatar (161), Chile and Singapore (152). Portugal (151), or even China (150) – which announced on Thursday that it has fully vaccinated more than a billion people – are among the countries with the most campaign advances.

This indicator can exceed 100 doses per 100 inhabitants because most vaccines in circulation require two doses to be fully effective.

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