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Shadow and Bone is not to miss this series this week

This is a new week, and it provides us with a lot of material. Whether you want thriller or fantasy, there are shows and movies on Netflix for you.

There is a release that has been talked about for months. It is one of the most awaited TV series of all streamers and on the network, an adaptation of a book series that gets fans excited.

The week also brings content for families and children. Perhaps now is the perfect time, as their plans to reopen the world continue and children start getting bored of the same things over and over again.

This week it’s time to watch the top five shows and movies on Netflix.

Series and movies on Netflix: Shadow and Bone

We have to start with the most anticipated film of the year. It’s been a long time coming, and when we finally got the release date on 23 April, cheers can be heard around the world. Yes, it is actually shadow and bone.

The fantasy series is based on the books of Leigh Bardugo. The series will merge some books including The Six of Crows, correcting some of the errors in the books. Bardugo acknowledges that his novels were written from his experience of the world, which initially resulted in a lack of diversity, but has since grown. The series is a game-changer.

Shadow and Bone boasts an extraordinary cast and great graphics. Now it’s time to dive straight into the grivers.

There is also an afterplay for those who want a little more after watching the series on repeat this world.

Shows and Movies on Netflix: Stowaway

There are not as many blockbuster movies on Netflix this week, but one that you should pay attention to. Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, and Tony Collette play the roles of three astronauts on a mission to help them make life on Mars.

Things become dangerous upon finding a stowaway aboard a spaceship. They are in space and this stowaway is kept unconscious here. Now he wants everyone to go home, but does not have enough fuel to do so.

When catastrophic events take place on the spacecraft, everyone must find a way to fight the battle for their existence. But how can all this end? Will Stowaway bring peace to us or will the entire mission be lost?

To watch on Thursday, April 22.

Series and movies on Netflix: Zero

If you like superhero stories, then you should watch the Italian series Zero. It features a black teenager, shy and passionate about art. When he develops the ability to be invisible, he has to make choices about what he wants.

Will he learn to wield his power to protect his neighborhood, or will he follow his artistic dreams and forget everything?

In the end, he chooses to save his neighborhood. And this can lead to a friendship where he least expected it.

It is more than just a series of superheroes. It is a coming-of-age drama that touches themes of friendship, personality traits and dreams.

See Zero on Wednesday 21 April.

Spectacles at Films Surf Netflix: Life in Color with David Attenborough

It’s time to do something for the whole family, and who doesn’t like David Attenborough? The Color of Life is the BBC’s latest UK co-production with David Attenborough.

For a long time, it was thought that some animals were color blind or only saw the world in black and white. This is not necessarily the case. The series takes a look at how animals use color to protect themselves and face nature.

Using new technology, the documentary explores the importance of color for the survival of many creatures. It is a beautifully made series that is sure to please everyone at home. It is no better than Attenborough’s soothing voice, telling it all.

Watch Life in Color on Thursday 22 April on Netflix.

Netflix Shows and Movies: PJ Mask

Finally, a film for children. Sometimes you want to be able to put something on screen for them so that you can focus on homework, right? PJ Mask is perfect, and season 3 hits Netflix this weekend.

The series follows three children, who transform into Cat Boy, Ovelette and Gecko. They fight crime in their neighborhood, usually sending miscreants Luna Girl on their way – and sometimes fighting her in the process.

While the series focuses on good and evil, it is also about friendship and trust. The three children must trust each other and work as a team to fulfill their mission. It is an ideal source of inspiration for young children.

Watch PJ Mask Season 3 on Monday 19 April.

What shows and movies are you watching on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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