The Sega Dreamcast Mini teases Eurogamenet

The Sega Dreamcast Mini teases Eurogamenet

Ah, Dreamcast. In the early 2000s Vertua Tennis, Crazy Taxi, Solkalibur and Marvel vs Capcom 2 were among my favorites. Alas, the path collapsed before the consoles of Sega’s time, and console warfare has never been the same.

But, what is it? With Mini Therapy – Dreamcast can come back again.

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Segir Mini Chief Yosuk Okunari has already released a Mega Drive Mini in 2012 and discusses what the next game for the company’s mini range will be in Japan, just Game Gear Micro.

Silicone has translated its answers and there must be food for thought:

“I think for the latter, we can come up with an idea closer to the Mega Drive Mini. If I had to name a few, it could be an SG-1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini …”

Let’s be honest here, Sega is not going to make any SG-1000 mini. The SG-1000 – and I have to look for it – was Segar’s limited release access to the home video game hardware business. It was released in 1983, the same day Nintendo released Famicom of Japan. It has a pre-date of the master system in two months.

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So, we have a Dreamcast Mini on the cards and it makes a lot of sense. The console still has a strict and loyal following to this day, almost 20 years after it was discontinued. Our Martin often remembers playing his Dreamcast and then I bring out the tune as soon as I mention something about Orchid Port and Simon.

Don’t give up breathing though. In an interview with Famitsu, Okunari said the next mini will take some time:

“Game Gear Micro is only sold domestically in Japan. When we do the next thing I think the field of the project will be much bigger as we look at the world. So we can’t reveal it at the moment. The Mega Drive next year or two. Mini We we can’t make it fast [laughs]”

If Sega releases a Dreamcast minute later, it means avoiding the Saturn Mini. That’s fine by me. I didn’t have any of these. Was it any good?

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