The secret of the popularity of animals on Instagram

The most photogenic bird cartoon macaw on instagram is not Rio Nor flamingos, but a species you’ve certainly never heard of. Two German researchers tried to unravel the secret of these stars of the social network.

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Mysterious, these animals make us see nature differently … when it is the one who is watching us. From spiders to primates, the eyes do not express the same thing and it is often very difficult to understand what is hidden there.

The most popular Instagram photo of all time Of an egg, “Liked” by more than 55 million people. But animals are also very popular with Internet users. dog Pomeranian @JifPom Thus there are 10.2 million subscribers, while chat @ Nala_kat Carried out his feats to 4.3 million followers.

But if these animals, along with their daily adventures, are particularly orchestrated by their owner, then what about wild animals? What makes an animal naturally photogenic? This question was captured by two researchers from the University of Constance in Germany, who looked at the case of birds in a study review of Psychology I-Perception.

Katja Thoms and his colleague Gregor Hey-Leichsering investigate 27,000 Bird pictures On nine accounts instagram 3.5 million subscribers total. He developed an indicator called “Photo Beauty Appeal” (IAA), which normalizes the absolute number of “likes”. ” The score is positive for images that receive the most “like” Display of image for Internet users than expected, and otherwise negative », Explains the study. The researchers thus classified 116 families of birds according to their IAA scores.

It turns out that the aesthetic appeal of the photo has nothing to do with the traditional notion of beauty, the researchers believe. opposite of this, ” No more animalsWind Unique or unusual, more people are interested », Katja Thoms Instagram Star Podarj, is a bird Nocturne Assimilated to Owl. « Poderg is unlike any other bird And presents anthropomorphic characters with its two larger Eyes on face Researchers in », explains new York Times.

Whatever is cute and reveals something of human nature, Especially big eyes, Is very common

« Anything cute and of human nature, especially big eyes, is shared a lot. “, Confirmation On bbc Wildlife photographer Graeme Purey, who recently finished second in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards And liked by 60,600 people instagram.

With its shimmering colors and its crown, the luxurious Craco Turbo is very popular with internet users.

Look at my beautiful blue eyes

Other winners in this ranking are colored pigeons or emerald turquoise with ornamental plumage, wearing a blue dress Hooppe In the crown.

More generally, blue plumage seems most attractive as opposed to yellow or red. A phenomenon that can be found in many other studies on landscapes, furniture, or clothing, and which can be explained by an innate choice, is particularly tied to the fact that Blue « Is associated with pleasant things like clear skies and clear water, while potentially harmful items such as rotten food are often yellow. », Indicate authors.

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Seabirds, Vultures and Cranes, Unpublished by Instagram

At the other end of Spectre, Obsolete seabirds (oysters and sandpipers), ” Often caught eating insects and seashells “, As well as Vultures And this cigaretteBut the latter is usually considered sympathetic. ” This ranking indicates that the attractor score is represented not by the bird’s beauty but by its behavior and situational context. », Attract writers. In other words, an ugly owl will make a face in one’s face every chance Flamingo Resplendent.

Big cats and elephants are the most popular wild animals on Instagram

An observation that wildlife photographers regret Graeme puree : « People usually grow up on Instagram Feline And elephant, but if I think I think that is a great picture it will not be a success post », He laughs On bbc.

According to a site survey True Luxury Travel, A travel site offering safaris, the number of hashtags most popular animals on Instagram are dogs, cats, horses, and chickens (though with prejudice because the photos also include chicken dishes). On the wild side, we find brown or white bears (thanks cuddly toys!), The Puma (Again with bias due to shoe brand), Tiger, To LionMonkey, elephant, or Leopard.

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