The secret of the coronation fighters

Seen from ELSEWHERE – They are more resilient to the virus than young people, and many of them have previously had to fight the Spanish flu. Explanation from an immunologist.

By Elena Dussi (The Republic)

He has just crushed coronovirus under the weight of his 107 years. A woman from Caroli was cured on New Year’s Eve. From Loro Piano as another woman of the same age. But these are not the oldest civilians surviving coronoviruses: last September and June, a 108-year-old man from Genoa and a woman of the same age from Milan, respectively, managed to eject the virus. However, the record goes to the Spaniard Maria Branya, born in 1907 and living in a Spanish retirement home. The latter was probably infected during a party held for her 113th birthday, but only a few mild symptoms developed.

Many cured centuries ago remember the beating of the Spanish flu a century ago. ” What if it was the result of residual immunity? Claudio Franceschi, a professor, Miracle

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