The second professor of Islamophobia accused BFMTV of an “unhealthy situation”

Through collages on the walls of the Institute of Political Studies, anonymous allegations of Islamophobia, Vincent Turnier condemned BFMTV’s “dangerous” and unhealthy situation.

Since the display of his name on the wall of Sci Po Grenoble, Vincent Tarnier accused him of the attack. In early March, the anonymous collage attributed this Islamophobic comment to the professor and one of his colleagues.

“This is a situation that is particularly unhealthy and which troubles many things. From a professional and human point of view, it is a situation that nobody wants”, in this case BFMTV for his first speech Vincent resents the tournament.

“A type of harassment”

An investigation was opened for “public humiliation” and “degradation” by the prosecution of Grenoble on a report from the establishment.

“It’s very dangerous, and I can’t help but think of Kafka’s trial, where a man finds himself guilty, he doesn’t know why and never knows. He goes through his tragic history, in a way. Is. Without knowing the reasons for its accusation without actually being harassed “, develops the professor.

These public and anonymous accusations seem to occur in the already stormy climate at this famous school. On February 27, Union Syndical Sciences Po Grenoble (US) – the first student union of the IEP – filed a complaint for “union discrimination” (since closure). editor’s Note) Against Vincent Tournier. The latter, in an email sent to their students and of which AFP has obtained a copy, asked the students belonging to the union to “immediately leave (her) classes and never set foot there again.”

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His class, called “Islam and Muslims in Contemporary France”, was targeted a few days ago by a call on the Central Syndicale Facebook account, asking students to testify on possible “problematic comments” Which would have been done there. The union specifically explained that it wanted to “withdraw” this teaching “from the educational model for the next year if, during this course, there was Islamophobic commentary given as scientists.”

Tense since november

Targeted by another professor, Collage, Klaus Kinzler also found himself at the heart of a controversy in late November, following an exchange of emails with a historian on the notion of Islamophobia. In particular, he wrote in extracts that he himself published for some time on his website, that he “did not like this religion very much”, which sometimes gave him “open fear” because it greatly intimidated the French. Was “.

He challenged the presence of the term Islamophobia in a work group called “Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism”, given the notion that “persecution of (fictional) Muslim extremists (and other mistaken Muslims)” before accepting in an email. . Apologies for “done away on time” in these exchanges.

“I had registered to prepare a thematic day under the title: Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism (…) which I aimed to challenge in the alignment of these three words with my colleague and my students in the same subject Was “, a-he told on BFMTV’s antenna.

He was eventually “excluded from the work group because the students said they were injured” and believed that, since January, he had been the subject of a campaign led by “the most extremists” among them.

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“Concepts on the edge”

In light of this succession of tensions, Vincent Turnier explains that he has seen an evolution in recent years, tense debate within the school, especially with students.

“We see that there are conceptual sensations that are on the edge. Teaching has become a field that changes a little bit every day. When one day we have managed to get through the lines, we are not sure the next day. it will work.”

To this day, professors continue to teach, while their colleagues on “sick leave”, are preparing for a possible legal follow-up. Vincent Tarnier, for his part, expresses a desire for the authorities to see themselves so that such a case does not happen again.

Amber lepoivre BFMTV Correspondent

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