The search for landslide victims continues in Norway. One Lithuanian citizen is also among the missing persons – Foreign – News

Lithuanian citizen Rasa Lasinski has also been confirmed by a representative of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry of the BNS news agency.

The landslide in Akka, about 25 kilometers north of the capital Oslo, took many homes with them on Wednesday night, while others remained on the edge of a steep cliff or partially hung up. More than a thousand people have been evacuated from the entire municipality of Gerdrum.

It was initially thought that under these circumstances, sending rescue teams to find the missing was too dangerous, and for two days the accident scene was only discovered by helicopter and drone from the air.

On Friday, police tried to enter one or two houses. A team of Swedish experts was involved in the rescue work. Rescuers went down into the danger zone, reaching another one of the houses, laying another behind another bright orange extended polystyrene plate. A dead man was found in the middle of the day on Friday and is yet to be identified.

The search continues, ambulances and a helicopter are on duty at the crash site, and an aerial search of the area continues.

Norway’s police have released a list of missing persons, including children between two and 13 years old, as well as 49-year-old Lithuanian citizen Rasa Lasinski. It is known that she took the dog for a walk and spoke on the phone with her husband before going to work, but the conversation suddenly broke off, as reported by the newspaper “Afterpenosten”, which shortly after the accident Lasinski’s son said.

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