The safest and most private calendar comes to Android

The safest and most private calendar comes to Android

The calendar is one of the essential tools in Spain to maintain a good organization in our work. Although we often use the free tools available by default on our phones, the amount of personal information contained in these calendars is often underestimated.

Today we know a new calendar application that already had its own web version, and which has started rolling out to Android in its first beta version. This calendar stands for offering the maximum possible security and privacy, and looking at the company behind it, is well worth a look.

Proton Calendar comes on Android to be the safest calendar

The calendar is one of those devices that can store more personal information. Important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries, information on our personal projects and more. Depending on our use of the calendar, it can be interesting to wager on the tools that place the most bets on privacy.

Our calendar should be secure and private, without anyone being able to take our information to spy or sell it, or at least that is the vision of the proton team. The creators of Proton VPN and Proton Mail have created a calendar that stands out to offer the company’s high security standards, offering a calendar with end-to-end encryption.

Although this calendar was already available as a web application from 2019, the company has just published its first version of the mobile application, initially available in beta form for Android (iOS users will have to wait), a Applications that with great design and functionality.

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The Proton Calendar is one such tool, although it is offered free of charge, it is not free for everyone, as access to this calendar requires a paid Proton VPN or Proton Mail account. If you already pay for any of these services, we recommend you try it out, while if you have them in doubt and need some extra encouragement, maybe time to revisit it is.

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