The rumor about the new “flat” design of the Apple Watch is back

Already in 2021, multiple sources claimed that the next Apple Watch will sport a more rectangular design, inspired by the iPhone 12. In the end, Apple hadn’t changed anything except the size of the screen. And for 2022?

Will the Apple Watch get a new design, just a year after a development that saw the curved screen extended at the edges? Already in 2021, all the “leakers” agreed that the Apple Watch Series 7 was going to borrow its flat edges from the iPhone 12, to give more stability to the range. As the rest is known, Apple has finally kept up with the previous generations’ rounds, which suggests they’ve all come crashing down along the line. Apple is not in the habit of spoiling its plans at the last moment.

This rumor has returned since May 16. “Leaker” ShrimpApplePro is the first to say so, before joining John Prosser, who was already behind it last year. It’s possible they’re both wrong, but it’s still a consistent lead.

Apple Watch Series 8, Really?

Just a year after introducing the Apple Watch Series 7 with a curved screen and rounded edges, Apple is reportedly set to launch the Apple Watch Series 8 this fall. Is this track simply laudable? Apple is known for not taking design risks. A change usually lasts several generations, which makes us very suspicious of the Series 7 dropping the design after just one generation. However, the fact that serious journalists like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentioned this design in 2021 gives us confidence that it really exists.

Apple is rumored to release three watches this fall. In addition to the Apple Watch Series 8, a new Apple Watch SE for daredevils and a reinvented Apple Watch, will be at the event. If the Apple Watch SE isn’t likely to benefit from the new design, why not the reinvented Apple Watch? Without the curved screen, this new design would undoubtedly be more resistant. However, we wonder how this product will be less fragile than the previous generation Apple Watch, which may suggest that our theory is wrong.

John Prosser recycles his concepts from last year. // Source: John Prosser – YouTube

Last year, we heard this rumor for months when the Apple Watch was finally announced. Are we heading towards the same scenario? Reply in a few months, maybe in September.

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