The Royal Family: Quinn and Prince William will remove Harry and Meghan from the Crisis Magsit talks. Royal | News

The couple will decide the fate of Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel in the royal family of Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William without even attending. Royal biographer Robert Lace told the Royal Obsessed podcast that the three big princes deliberately refused to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel to a brief Magsit discussion. Mr. Lacey’s new book, Battle of the Brothers, details Prince Harry and William’s various royal paths and the ongoing feud between the two brothers today.

He explained: “We already know that there will be a review of the situation next March.

“After the agreement was published in March this year, the Queen suggested a 12-month deadline and then a review.

“Harry didn’t want that. Harry was very happy in exile.

“But Buckingham Palace says that in March next year, or before March, the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William will sit down and examine what they think they should do.”

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Mr Lacey added that “interestingly there is no mention of Harry being included”.

He questioned: “So, it is not clear how they can reach a joint solution.”

Next time Meghan and Harry may not be in the presence of the Royal Family until next July.

The royal biographer explained: “July next year is Diana’s birth anniversary

Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel stunned members of the Royal Family earlier this year after resigning from their royal roles.

The couple lost their HRH title and moved to California with their son Artie.

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Following this split, the people of Sussex reacted angrily to the pressure the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had put on them as veterans.

Mr Lacey further suggested that Princess Harry reacted strongly to getting “blame for everything” in the royal family.

He said the Duke of Sussex had “annoyed” his role in the royal family since childhood.

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