The Royal Family is ready for a ‘difficult decade’ after leaving the ‘decline’ of the royal family after losing three stars. Royal | News

The Republic is an organization campaigning for the abolition of the monarchy and for a democratic, elected head of state instead of Queen Elizabeth II, Graham Smith, chief executive of the campaign organization, told Prince Andrew stepped down, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel stepped down from royal life, and the possibility of the Queen’s death in the next ten years would leave the monarchy with only a few recognized members.

The CEO of the Republic said: “I think the monarchy has a difficult time a decade ago.

“At the start of the year they lost three of their main stars, Andrew is behind and will never be able to get back on the first line.

“Meghan and Harry are gone, the queen is moving more and more because of her age and she is likely to die before the end of the decade.

“Your only recognized royalty as Charles, William and Kate that you have left.”

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Mr. Smith continued: “Charles does not have the same warmth and support that others have, and quite clearly William and Kate are rather dull nonsense people who will always play second-fiddle to the next king.”

“All of this will make the monarchy much brighter and raise questions about why it should continue with us.”

He added: “The royals we’ve been using for so many years are rapidly declining.”

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, strongly disagrees with the Republican opinion.

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The royal commentator added: “The immense popularity of the queen and the monarchy was evident in the recent U.S. survey.

“It will be clear again in the summer of 2022 when the grateful nation celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

“Why the nation supports the Royals, their role as a symbol of national unity which is the name of their charitable activities and global profile as well as party politics, but one of the reasons for some of the benefits.”

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