The rise and fall of Boris Johnson’s heir Rishi Sunak

Who will be the next tenant of 10 Downing Street? Although we will have to wait two more years before we find out, internal discussions are already underway about the next British general election. All eyes are now on the legendary Conservative Party, whose members must decide in favor of the successor to the party’s leader and incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As Politico reports, until recently, everything suggested that Rishi Sunak, the current finance minister – or chancellor of the treasury – could claim the position of head of government. Elected to the House of Commons in 2015, he then wisely chose to support Brexit. His political career began after his appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020, “Probably the most powerful role in the cabinet since the prime minister.”

In this position, he then slowly gained his popularity. “Adventure Economic Response” Thank you for the support measures taken, especially for the restaurateurs, to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. And in January, revelations related to “Partygate” caused panic in Downing Street, “Sunk’s name topped Boris Johnson’s list of successors”, writes Politico. However, we learn from the same site on Tuesday that London Police have fined the Chancellor for attending one of these illegal parties.

a series of mistakes

If all the indicators were green a few months back, Rishi Sunak might have missed his chance. In March, he had drawn the ire of some British after a substantial increase in taxes, and “A little help given to those most affected by rising inflation.”

Above all, Sunak now finds himself in trouble after recent revelations published by The Independent on some personal shenanigans, beyond his own economic management of the country. According to the British newspaper, his wife Akshata Murthy – the heir to a large IT company in India – had non-domicile status, which allowed him not to pay taxes in the United Kingdom. “On his foreign income”.

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“It’s Over For Him”One lawmaker told Politico. Raising the nation’s taxes while his family lowers them by using non-domicile status … is hypocrisy.” Despite these recent revelations, some continue to support him: “We all love him and we sympathize. Because if not then who else do we have?”Conservative MP launched.

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