The return of the virus that has disappeared from circulation

He was missing for some time. But this time, they’re all back: cold viruses, tonsillitis, colds, gastro… last year With Covid, they almost disappeared from circulation. This year, they are here again, and from the beginning of the school year.

“Yes, it’s been a week. We are asked a lot to get relief from sore throat, headache, cough”, confirms Claire Rodrigues, assistant at a pharmacy near La Rochelle in Mireuil. “They’re arriving a little earlier than usual, but not that long ago”, says Perrin Wake, pharmacist.

Fluctuations in temperature, children return to school…

First, there is barrier gestures -Keep washing hands wearing a mask… little respect for a while, especially because so many people are vaccinated. but that’s not all. especially in Charente-Maritime times, “We’ve seen a lot of temperature changes in recent weeks. It was hot during the day, about 20 degrees or moreClaire remembers Rodrigues. But sometimes in the morning we did not climb more than ten degrees. Except all of a sudden, people weren’t wearing enough clothes.”

A third factor also explains the return of these tiny viruses. You have to go to the playgrounds and see. Last year, students were limited. That’s why viruses are less transmitted. “Ah ba me, it’s my little one who has infected me”, says the pharmacist. And there is one more among his companions who has been in broken voice for some days.

Wash your nose regularly to prevent bacteria from growing there”

So to avoid catching a cold, or even more so, there is no real miracle. “You have to cover your throat, which is systematically repeated to our customers”, Claire Rodrigues recalls. Her colleagues also recommend cleaning your nose regularly: “It stops microbes from forming. And the bacteria keep growing.”

Pharmacists also specify thatnothing unusual, quite the contrary: “It’s a return to everyday life. And frankly, it does us good. We find the heart of our work: advising people. We don’t do COVID anymore, it takes a long time…”

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