The results of Britain’s Got Talent infuriated the audience as the singing nurse Beth Porch ruthlessly fell.

The results of Britain's Got Talent infuriated the audience as the singing nurse Beth Porch ruthlessly fell.

The furious Britain’s Got Talent viewers have called this week’s results a “joke” and hit the judges hard again after one of their favorite players to reach the semifinals to win this year.

This year’s semis, though delayed enough due to the coronavirus epidemic, could not end the controversy over the judges ’decision but suffered the biggest blow to date this weekend as singer nurse Beth Porch judges jumped on the bandwagon even as they praised‘ D him ’as an‘ extraordinary talent ’ Did.

After tying a song of her own to her audition, Beth landed at No. 1 on iTunes, working at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, and bookies advised her to take the BGT crown this year.

He took to the stage with another of his original tracks, Rozkar Heroes, in the fifth and final semis on Saturday – a tribute to the hard work of all those who have worked tirelessly this year in tedious and uncertain times.

Criticizing her, David Williams described the 25-year-old Beth as a “genius”: “We owe a huge debt to you and all your colleagues, and I think it’s a fitting tribute to you and all of them.”

Crying back, Amanda Hold said she was an “achievement to humanity” so when Ant & DC revealed that she stood up to vote for the public even after not judging the judge, jaws fell across the country.

Their choice to advance to the finals was Alesha Dixon’s Golden Market Act Nabil Abdul Rashid and their decision was widely criticized on social media.

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One tweeted: “Beth DotNet which is not in the top 3. Suitable and talented with her own written songs about the NHS during the pandemic,” and in the deal, another posted: “Sorry, the judges aren’t a complete joke, I’m not the winner of the so-called comic. “

A third responded: “It’s a farce Beth should have reached the final.”

Each BGT semi-year this year sparked outrage among viewers, with another memorable controversy when singer Sirina Jahangir and choir sign Will With With, both warmly pressing for the bookies to win, were both eliminated from the final the same week.

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