The resolution of the Libyan crisis must respect the election date


Morocco announced on Friday that the only way out of the Libyan crisis was to respect the Libyan electoral calendar, due for December 24.

This comes from a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco regarding Rabat’s participation in the international conference on Libya, which was held in Paris on Friday.

The conference’s activities begin with the participation of about 30 countries and organizations, including neighboring countries and others divided over the conflict.

The aim of the conference is to pressure the parties to the struggle to hold elections on time by the end of the year and to support efforts to withdraw foreign forces from the country.

The ministry stressed the importance of dialogue and consultation between Libyan actors to reach political agreements capable of implementing UN resolutions and the recommendations of international conventions, the most important of which is the organization of legislative elections and presidential times.

Rabat speculated that any solution to the Libyan crisis (..) could only be an internal Libyan solution, realistic that kept the sovereignty of this country away from foreign interference and agendas.

According to the same source, Morocco in its efforts to bring Libyan actors together through its diplomacy, and its full availability to support the country’s political process, as well as through national reconciliation efforts and plans, has been a part of the United Nations. Reiterates its concern to coordinate with. Security, economic and political to create a strong and unified Libyan state that strengthens national and regional security and stability.

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It should be noted that European media, including “Euronews”, have published that the draft of the final declaration of the conference threatens to impose sanctions on those who obstruct the election on the date of 24 December.

Morocco hosted, it should be recalled, a series of dialogue tours to Libya, which ended in January 2021, between delegations from the High Council of State and the House of Representatives, in an agreement on a mechanism for taking sovereign positions. except for one meeting. Electoral law, in September 2021.

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