The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Party is in full swing

The first day of Platinum Jubilee in London and the UK had a happy ending. The 70-year reign of Elizabeth II is celebrated until Sunday evening. The rest of the program is loaded. Alas, realizing that the Lord will not attend Mass this Friday” some discomfort ,

The Queen of England returned to her Windsor Castle, about thirty kilometers from London, on Thursday after appearing on the balcony. In the evening, she was to touch the Commonwealth Globe, a blue sphere set in a replica crown.

At that time, a 21-metre-high light installation in front of Buckingham Palace in London was to be placed in the eyes of Prince William, second in the order of succession after his father Charles, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son and Prince of Wales. ,

At the same time, 3,500 lights were set to burn across Britain, from the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle to the country’s four highest peaks. Some witnesses came first, in the 54 Commonwealth countries, based on each other’s time zones.

Title: The world pays tribute to the Queen of England as she celebrates 70th anniversary of her reign

An official beacon was erected for the jubilee: a large torch, again in the shape of a globe, atop a crown. In some more rural areas, torches had to be replaced with bonfires, our correspondent in London reported, emline wine,

This torch-lighting ceremony was to be performed to the sound of the bagpipes, a song also specially composed for the jubilee filled with symbols of unity and unity, in a state that has not always been very united against the backdrop of Brexit.

“She’s the one who makes us proud to be British”

This Thursday, the festivities began with a military parade and aerial parade, amidst an impressive crowd. Lorraine and her two friends, who arrived at 8:30 a.m. dressed in celebratory hats and “Jubilee” T-shirts, couldn’t even reach the giant screen to watch the festivities.

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The three friends finally followed the ceremony on their phones. Lorraine:

We don’t miss any royal events, and we’ve never seen so many. I was there even at the coronation, although I was too young to remember! Usually we come the day before and go camping in the street, but we get too old. Yes, we are disappointed, but it will not spoil our party.

Blocked too, Steve was yet even more visionary, bringing back plaid, a picnic, and British flags to celebrate the Queen.

She represents everything. This is what makes us proud to be British. And then, the amount of money she brings to the country, and all the charity work she does… She and the royal family do a lot for us.

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In the crowd: Londoners, Britons, but also many tourists, especially from Commonwealth countries. Elizabeth II symbolically remains the head of state in many of them to this day, such as in Canada where there is no president. Mike traveled from Vancouver.

We love the queen, I’m a big fan of Taj, we’re not ready to leave her in Canada. Plus, I like to watch people, so it’s a perfect experience for me.

“If it is William, the monarchy will survive”

The government talks of “over 200,000 local events and block parties” across the UK in four days. On Thursday, on the occasion of the “flag salute”, drums went on for hours as people hoped to catch a glimpse of a member of the royal family.

Our Special Correspondent in London asked, clee broadhurstCheryl, in her 60s, hopes that Elizabeth, already the holder of the longevity record held by Victoria for a sovereign in the United Kingdom, will live for a few more years, as she intends to die on the throne.

Oh my god, I hope she doesn’t give up, I hope she hangs up! She said that she would give her life and she gave us 70 years of her life. So please my lord, let him be persistent! Because I think everything will change when Charles succeeds. If it is William, the monarchy will survive. I think we have to make room for the younger generation, William is made for that.

The crowd erupted with joy as the 39-year-old Prince William, wearing his red uniform and black cap, was dear to the British.

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Britain’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, in his role as Colonel of the Irish Guards, and Britain’s Princess Anne, in their role as Colonel of the Blues and Royals at the Trooping the Color Parade in London, Thursday, June 2, 2022 In. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. AP – Adrian Dennis

Nick, an Australian now living in London, is less enthusiastic. Her country, despite its continental scale and its remoteness, has no other head of state other than the Queen of England.

It is good for them to come here, but if there was a small revolution, I would have supported it. Aussies, we’re pretty relaxed, so we won’t do anything until “Liz” is gone. But after that, I think we will become a republic. The rest of the royal family doesn’t really interest us. no hurry ; Obviously, as long as the Queen is here, we are happy to be part of the Commonwealth. But then… maybe not.

Rani is celebrated with great pomp till the end of the weekend. Many expect it to reach the age of 100.

I think we have been extremely fortunate in this country to have the Queen with us for so long. The day she is gone, people of my generation, and those who are a little older, will really feel that the sky is falling on our heads. All my life, she’s been in the landscape. I was too young to remember her coronation, but she looks fabulous, and I hope these festivities go well.

I’m 68, she’s been on the throne for even longer! There were arrests during the parade, anti-monarchical protesters, Republicans… In fact, as we’re going through tough times… Yes, a lot of money has been spent on these events, even when there is poverty here. But what should I do ? Get rid of all that, royal family? I believe that most of the British are in favor of maintaining the monarchy.

Tom, the British and the staunch monarchy

The Queen will remember in mass at St Paul’s Cathedral this Sunday

Elizabeth II will miss the service of Thanksgiving celebrated at St Paul’s Cathedral in the capital on Friday, Buckingham mourned on Thursday evening. The Queen of England felt this Thursday” some discomfort “On the first day of the festivities in which he took part, said the palace.” Rani thoroughly enjoyed the parade for her birthday and flypast today (Thursday), but felt some discomfort “, can we read in the press release.

Elizabeth has been a rarity lately. In early May, Prince Charles, 73, read on his behalf the opening speech of the government’s program at the opening of the parliamentary session, a historic first. His wife Camilla, 74, and his eldest son, Prince William, were present for the first time, in a uniform covered with decorations, symbolically seated on a throne reserved for a wife symbolically younger than the monarch.

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Platinum Jubilee: Weak, Queen Elizabeth II does not consider abdication or regency

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