The PS5’s cracken compression technique is said to be particularly effective.

Able to reduce the space occupied by some games by up to 60% compared to the Xbox Series X on PS4.

The PlayStation 5 does not provide a huge storage space: occupying precisely 667 GB, the operating system 158 GB on the 825 GB of its SSD. This is slightly lower than its rival Xbox Series X which offers 802 GB of space (1 TB) including 192 GB for SSD systems). On the other hand, the Sony console clearly benefits from a very efficient compression technology called Kraken, which is able to reduce the space occupied by some games by up to 60% compared to its ancestor, the PS4.

Computerbase has collected several examples that testify to this faculty. For example Twisted Voxel reported that the survival game Subnautica took 5 GB on the PS5; This requires 14 GB on PlayStation 4. For its part, TechRadar mentions Game Control: Ultimate Edition. On the PS5, Remedy Entertainment’s game takes only 25.79 GB, compared to 42.5 GB on the Xbox Series X. This is a margin of 39% for the machine to benefit from Sony.

PlayStation 5 will inherit 6nm AMD SoC from 2022

PlayStation 5. An asset for

As you can imagine, Sony has not yet provided any technical details on its Kraken compression system. We also did not know if it was performing equally well in all the games or only on some of the titles mentioned here. In practice, this type of compression is contained in the device console and does not require any special customization from the developers.

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The console Ssd capacity System occupied space free space
Xbox series 512 Go (100%) 148 go (28,9%) 364 GO (71,1%)
Xbox series x 1.000 go (100%) 198 go (19,8%) 802 GO (80,2%)
Playstation 5 625 GO (100%) 157 Go (19,2%) 4 go (60,4%)

Finally, remember that the PS5 has an empty M.2 port. This will eventually increase storage space by hosting SSDs. However, we still do not know when Sony will add the occasion. In April, the Japanese firm still authorized the storage of PS5 games on an external device.

Source: Computerbase

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