The PS5 is already getting some nice custom paint work

One week after its release in some parts of the world, new PS5 owners are doing some nice things with their new consoles and controllers appearing online with custom paint works. Recent posts from R / PS5, who used Plastidip (a rubberized cover often used for car paint work) to turn PS5’s bright white feathers into a lovely matte black:

At the more bizarre end of things, Cranes Custom features an orange and white design, topped with a skull and a PlayStation-logo motif (and you can watch a video of the full design on Reddy):

Inspired by YouTuber Dave 2D, Reddit user Arashbansal went for 11 more brands, creating a Spider-Man shell themed kind of strike that I’m sure many hope will one day become an official design:

We see the rise of custom dualsense designs perhaps even more impressive. Although we know that the parts of the controller are removable, it is a fairly solid single unit, which means that customizing the whole body of the PS5’s controller is a potentially complex business.

That’s why the Yakuza 33’s all-black dualsense is notable, not only turning the entire controller into a classic PlayStation Hue, replacing its face buttons with the DualShock 4 design, which apparently works perfectly:

Crispace went the other way, to transform three separate sections of the dualsense into galaxy purple designs:

And if you’re wondering if the Xbox series consoles are getting the same treatment, we’re seeing fewer custom designs so far (probably how the console is less modular than the PS5) – XT has changed from Spider-Shlok to Kingpin. I want this sticker immediately:

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