The PS5 DualSense controller features a seemingly removable faceplate

The black faceplate of the PS5 DualSense controller is seemingly removable, suggesting that players can remove it for future custom designs. Glasska has been shown to remove the plate by applying some force by grasping around the sides of the nail, although it probably used thinner tools to loosen the plate. It’s not clear if removing the plate could void any of the regulator’s warranties, so we’re not currently trying to do that.

This suggests that players will be able to customize the dualsense through first-party modifications to the controller or third-party solutions (as per Sony’s approval). But whether third-party plates can be sold is currently in the air – just this week, we saw a third-party outlet make custom plates for the PS5 console, and Sony canceled all orders following company pressure.The video also shows how the controller’s lightbar works the game via remote play on the PS4 and offers some PS3 gameplay using dualsense peripherals. As published earlier this week, Dualsense does not work locally with the PS4, but PS3 games cannot be played on the PS5, although it does work normally with the PS3.

If you want to know more about DualSense, check out our preview of some Astro Playroom gameplay as well as the controller. Preorder for the PlayStation 5 is currently sold out, but more will be on our PS5 Preorder Guide right now. For all you need to know about the PlayStation 5, check out our PS5 Guide.

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