The Premier League Is Prosperous But Not Supportive

He would also be the inventor of football and that partly justifies that distinctive arrogance, but it also takes a little heart, please. Especially if it is Europe’s richest league that is about to formalize a £5 billion TV rights deal. But you know, it’s not enough to be very rich to avoid a fool. The Premier League has actually refused clubs that will play at home on Boxing Day, the 26 December game, to wear uniforms to raise money for a charity for the homeless. First the rules, then the rest.

It so happens that the Shelter Association, which fights to help the homeless, approaches the nine clubs that will play at home on 26 December, the most awaited and followed Championship day in England, to propose the initiative. For: The topic of homeless people to raise awareness away from home, which, according to the latest figures from the association, would have increased from 280 thousand already in the United Kingdom to 410 thousand now in the pre-pandemic. A simple sign gesture goes beyond requesting players to sign home shirts they are not wearing and put them up for auction. Nothing is too demanding or complicated, so much so that some clubs including Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Burnley, Manchester City, Norwich, Tottenham, West Ham, Aston Villa, Brighton and Newcastle (on the field on 27) play at home on 26 December. are. It has therefore contacted leaders of the premier to communicate their decision to join the initiative, receiving a cold statement in the form of a reply: Dan is fine, but rules must be respected, he says. So no, it cannot be done. An answer that the British media did not hesitate to define as “the medium”.

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A full blown idiot, which many club premiers are looking to remedy by forcing the Premier to change his mind and be initiated upon request. Among the clubs most enraged would be Antonio Conte’s Tottenham who have already questioned federal leaders wondering whether it was in their power to boycott the idea. Even Sky Sport, which has most of the TV rights package in England and therefore will have full rights in the matter, has already stated that it does not mind. The ball then goes back to the feet of the mighty Premier League, who must decide whether to avoid a sensational goal and undress the stingy and insensitive Scrooge of Dickensian memory. After all, it will be the day after Christmas…

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