The Porsche Cayman GT4 now comes with a padless shift gearbox

The Porsche Cayman GT4 now comes with a padless shift gearbox

Porsche has confirmed that the 718 Spyder and Cayman GT4 are getting a PDK padless shift gearbox.

But don’t be afraid, because it’s not a repeat of the 911 GT3 song from several years ago; The six-speed manual will be standard fit with a seven-speed PDK alchemy.

The big numbers you need to know are 2,000 and 0.0, the Great British Pound PD added to your bill and how many seconds it shaves 0-62mm bars from both cars, the 4.4 sex of the manual is cut down. The 9Sex 26.4mpg and 242g / km CO2 emissions demands stick-shift spiders and a bit bit cleaner than the GT4.

It also naturally comes with a bunch of different settings, including launch control and an overtake-friendly ‘Sport Response’ button on the steering wheel. Regardless of the mode you are in, it stimulates the engine and maximum response for 20 seconds The Spider and GT4 get a re-limited-slip difference with the PDK, with more tracking available with a higher locking percentage.

The Spider and GT4 have got a new color option – Python Green (pictured) – although both are now being offered with gold wheels. The Porsche PDK transmission ranks among the alternative list of the .0-liter 1818 GTS, where it provides a similar cut in emissions and acceleration times for a slightly higher 30 30,303 price increase.

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