The platform reveals over 550 technology vacancies with salaries between R $ 3 thousand and R $ 15 thousand.

Professions associated with technology sectors are those that have grown the most during the epidemic. Due to digital acceleration, many companies have expanded their IT teams. The survey conducted by GeekHunter, a company that hires software and data science developers, shows that the vacancies completed by 2020 by the platform have tripled by 2020. According to a study by BrazilLab in partnership with Fundação Brava and the Center for the Public Impact (CPI), by 2024 it is estimated that the region requires more than 300 thousand professionals.

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At GeekHunter, there are 552 job opportunities for developer people across the country with salary ranges between R $ 3 thousand and R $ 15 thousand in the month of December. Most of the vacancies, about 75%, are for work in a home office, which increases the likelihood of hiring candidates from anywhere in Brazil.

There are opportunities for full and senior professionals, back-end, front-end and full stack developers from various programming languages, as well as data scientists and engineers, data analytics and BI analyst. The companies with the most open positions on the platform are Avaris, Accenture, FCamara, Zoop, IBM.

Interested parties can register the course GeekHunter, Free of charge, and in some cases, do programming tests. Geek reverses the selection process, that is, once the profile is approved by the candidate, it is companies who have access to them and can contact them for interviews. However, professionals looking for a new job may show interest in the vacancy and receive recommendations from geeks according to their profile.

> Technology sector in SC got opportunity to grow during epidemic

Check some vacancies available

in the field of Data scientist There are vacancies for remote work in the PJ format and salaries between R $ 10,000 and R $ 12,000. You must have experience in Python, machine learning and data science, and desirable technologies in BigData, SCRUMU, Python, Django, Data Mining.

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Is another opportunity for remote work React Front-End Developer With remuneration between R $ 6 thousand and R $ 8 thousand under the CLT regime. You should have two to four years of experience in React language.

> 2020: Year of challenges and overcoming for the technology sector in Santa Catarina

There are vacancies for Data engineer Full Python, in person or remote, CLT regime and remuneration between R $ 4.5 thousand and R $ 6.5 thousand. In addition to advanced conversational English, the candidate must have development experience in Python, Java or Scala programming languages, such as knowledge of core tools of the HadoKop ecosystem, such as Spark, Hive, Impala, Kafka, HBase, Linux environments, and shell commands. Be familiar with scripts, PySpark, software engineering, design patterns and data modeling.

Opportunity for Full stacker Sao Paulo (SP). Vacancy is individual and remuneration varies between $ 9 thousand and R $ 11 thousand under the CLT regime. To apply you must have consolidated experience in JavaScript (ES6) and React, Redux HTML / CSS and Node.js to implement REST APIs in addition to Git, SQL and TDD. Practical knowledge in AWS, Firebase and PostgreSQL services, experience with Agile / Scrum methodology, and knowledge in TypeScript are differences that a candidate may uncover.

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For already Node.js Back-End Developer In São Paulo (SP) there is an opportunity to work in an individual, with a CLT regime and a salary between R $ 9 thousand and R $ 11 thousand. The company is seeking a senior professional with extensive experience with back-end development as well as cloud knowledge at Node.js, along with AWS and Elitixearch.

> Public tender in SC: see vacancy in December, salary and how to apply

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