The Perseids 2021: How To See The Most Beautiful Night Of The Year’s Shooting Stars

This is one of the brightest celestial spectacles visible on Earth: the Perseids meteor shower. In July and August, the debris of the massive Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle that hit Earth’s atmosphere will be visible to stars shooting above Earth. An extraordinary event that should not be missed. Here’s how to follow this rain of shooting stars.

According to NASA, the annual Perseid rainfall is active from now until August 24, peaking on the night of August 12 to 13. For the space agency, it’s best meteor shower of the year “. The Perseids are popular for their reliability and spectacular fireball ability.” The Perseids have one of the heaviest rains (50–100 meteors seen per hour) and occur on hot summer nights, making them easy for sky watchers to see. », explains NASA.

catch a shooting star

To see a meteor shower, just go out at night and roll your eyes, but there are some tips to maximize your chances. Firstly, the hours before dawn are best suited for observation. NASA also indicates that shooting stars can be seen as early as 10 p.m. local time.

Cloudy weather and light pollution are the main obstacles to good observation. Choose a clear night and try to move away from city lights. A hammock, blanket or reclining chair will come in handy.

Shooting stars can be seen anywhere in the sky, but the name Perseids is due to the fact that they seem to radiate from the constellation Perseus. If you are not familiar with constellations, we invite you to download Sky Map to your phone, for example Sky Safari (available on iOS and Android). The constellation Perseus is not the source of the meteor shower, but it can sometimes be useful for spotting elusive light trails.

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To capture and remember this rain of shooting stars, you can also use a camera or smartphone for a long time, ten seconds should be enough. To go further, we suggest you read our tips for taking pictures of the sky (and stars) with a smartphone or camera.

Stars Rain Live Streaming

The Virtual Telescope Project will hold a live Perseid observing session in France on August 10 from 2 a.m. ” This year, without the interference of the moon, the sky conditions will be perfect VTP founder Gianluca Masi said.

You don’t have to wait until the peak in mid-August to enjoy the show. A dark place on a clear night can provide an interesting experience during the Perseid period.

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