The Peak design has created a stylish magnetic modular phone case I don’t know what I need

Peak Design, one of its creators EdgeYour favorite backpacks include a new magnetic modular mounting system for your Apple or Samsung phone. Bike mounts, car mounts, wall mounts, motorcycle mounts, wireless chargers and even a thin mobile tripod that can be folded into smaller parts than a palm can start at the front.

I’ve been playing with most of them for the last few days – and I’m already wondering where to find this money to buy my own.

The core of the system is the peak design everyday case. Yes, it’s covered in fabric, and yes, the mounting plate is actually so small that the 1-inch square ring is made of zirconia instead of metal, which allows wireless charging to pass more easily, according to the company. (I still have no problem charging) There is an array of magnets hidden all around.

Peak Design says it will not only make cases for the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020 and the latest Samsung phones, but you’ll also be able to buy a glue-backed adapter for other phones (see below). With these magnets, attachment to common magnetic mounts such as wall mounts and car mounts below is a snap:

Left: Universal adapter. Center: Wall Mount (x2). Top right: car mount.

But with the right mount, those rings and magnets touch one of the most incredible self-aligning, self-locking gadget docking systems.

Some background: After my phone had a bike mount removed a few years ago, I thought I would try a quad lock this time. It is widely considered among the best that you can buy and – like the Peak design – it provides a huge ecosystem of mounts.

Quad lock mounts, however, can be complicated to align. After five attempts, this is my fastest attempt to attach the quad lock case to my bike with one hand:

The quad lock is snapping on his bike mount.

With the quad lock system you can’t easily see what you’re doing, you have to find the right angle and then push hard – where the peak design mount is pulling you to the right.

With the peak design case, I tried it first … and then tried each.

Snapping peak design on its bike mount.

All mounts look great but this bike mount prot প্রো is really a cut on top. During the tractor-ray-like docking process, two locking tabs sink into the concave groove of your zirconia square and then it goes away. Really There.

I repeatedly climbed over poorly maintained asphalt in my local park, as well as speed bumps and small carbs, and my phone never felt like it would turn off. I wasn’t exactly mountain biking, so there was a further test sequence – but so far, the Peak design system looks much better and the case feels as secure as a quad lock even after taking up significantly less space in my pocket. After riding the bike, I can’t wait to turn off the quad lock case from my phone, partly because of this bulge:

Thickness in case of quad lock vs. peak design.

Like other peak design products I’ve used, there are other smart touches. Initially, I wondered why Peak Design had set the screw on the opposite side of the mount from the quad lock where it could easily fall off when tightened, but this fear was short-lived. Not only is there a grip washer in the peaks of the pick design, its design allows me to easily angle my phone to capture first-person perspectives on my ride.

Includes a included GoPro adapter:

With and without the included GoPro adapter.

I was also amazed to see the Peak Design mobile tripod, which wraps up so nicely that I can put around 55 55 MSRP in the belly. If future mounts are as good as high-end bike mounts and tripods, this system will have a lot to offer.

Last week, I wrote that Apple’s modular Magsaf accessories could be the single biggest reason to buy the iPhone 12, but Peak Design believes many of its accessories should also be compatible with Magsaf. While it may not promise 100 percent compatibility, the company says Apple’s Magsaf charger and wallet should ultimately be integrated into the pick design, and that even accessories such as tripods and car mounts will be compatible with their square bumps – although I wonder how good they are. Hold on, and how these squares fit.

I’m even more surprised at how well the pick design fabric will hold, the durability of that adhesive adapter for non-Apple and non-Samsung handsets and which phones will still be able to use wireless charging with that connected adapter (some caution from the company may not work) . I was surprised that Apple partners came up with better MagSafe accessories before being able to provide the crowded money of Peak Design, especially if there was a delay. And I wonder if the company might consider adding Moment’s drop-in lens mounts and slots for an Osmo Mobile 4 mount, because it seems like we’re really close to an interesting Go-Somewhere mobile video system.

But for the most part, I’m wondering if I can afford a bunch of phone accessories today.

Here are some photos and price sets of other accessories in the lineup

Pick design accessories prices

Products MSRP Presel price
Products MSRP Presel price
Everyday case . 39.95 $ 32
Universal adapter TBD TBD
Out front bike mount . 59.95 . 50
Universal bike mount . 49.95 . 40
Mobile tripod . 54.95 45
Car mount . 39.95 $ 32
Kickstand Wallet . 49.95 . 40
Mobile manufacturer kit . 39.95 $ 32
Wall Mount (2 Pack) . 29.95 $ 16
Charging the car mount . 69.95 $ 58
Motorcycle bar mount . 69.95 $ 58
Motorcycle stem mount . 69.95 $ 58
Wireless charging stand . 89.95 $ 72
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