The Original Sonic Game Is Coming to Tesla

Sega has confirmed a partnership with Tesla to include the first Sonic game in electric cars.

All video game enthusiasts know Sonic, Sega’s blue elephant. You may have played it on a home console or portable console before. But have you tried playing Sonic in a Tesla car? This will soon be possible thanks to a partnership that Sega and Elon Musk have personally confirmed.

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Sonic will soon appear on Tesla Arcade UI screens

Sonic, the hyperactive elephant still hunting the Golden Rings against the evil Doctor Robotnik, turns 30 this year, Production of sonic the hedgehog 1, the now iconic character’s first game, more or less kicked off a multitude of successful sequels.

Sega recently announced a partnership with electric vehicle maker Tesla to include sonic the hedgehog 1 Infotainment system for Tesla cars, at Tesla Arcade, The original game, released on the Megadrive in 1991, would thus be playable by its passengers directly in the vehicle. Elon Musk recently confirmed Sonic’s coming to Tesla in a tweet,

Is playing Sonic in Tesla a source of distraction for the driver?

Rear passengers will be able to access the controller connected via the USB port on the display screen. On the front, it will be possible to use the touch screen controls directly on the dashboard. A great way to spend time on long road trips, provided that you do not play while driving.

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Tesla gave good advice that « Tesla Arcade is only for use by passengers while the vehicle is in motion However, if the driver decides to go into autopilot mode and replace the steering wheel with a gamepad, no one can stop the driver from playing. And when the passenger wants to play Sonic’s game, This will inevitably be a source of distraction for the driver,

Tesla Arcade now has 20 video game titles, especially Doom. The date of Sonic’s arrival at Tesla has not yet been specified by the two partner companies.

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Source: The Verge

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