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Under pressure from his ministers, Boris Johnson abandoned the implementation of new health restrictions in the United Kingdom on Monday, 20 December. But the Omicron version is spreading at lightning speed across the channel: 106,122 new cases in 24 hours. At the same time, the economy of the country is weakening.

The growth of the Omicron version of COVID-19 has consequences for the economy in the United Kingdom. On Wednesday 22 December, dozens of trains were canceled due to lack of drivers. The London Museum of Natural History is closed due to staff on sick leave. Theaters close their curtains, because actors are contact matters, The country is severely affected by the Omicron variant, with 106,122 infections in 24 hours.

Although no restrictions or curfews have been imposed yet, the UK economy is suffering. Right now, a London restaurant is losing around 20,000 euros every day. Since last weekend and until at least December 31, two of its restaurants have been closed. 42 of its employees are infected, or have contact cases. In December, British hotel and restaurant owners say they are getting 40 more . there is a loss between 60% of their normal business.

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