The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has risen to 397, the highest jump in five months

The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has risen to 397, up more than 5 months.

According to the latest official figures, the number of positive Covid-19s has also increased by 20,0118.

The previous highest death toll was May 26, with 422 people killed.

Today’s numbers also rose significantly on Monday, with 136 people killed and 18,950 positive.

The huge jump in the number of deaths came when the second lockdown would increase due to the rising infection rate across England.

The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has risen to 397 by

Boris Johnson warns that the death of the coronavirus in winter could be twice as high as the first wave of the epidemic at the beginning of the year.

But a top scientist says thousands of lives could have been saved if the prime minister had imposed a brief lockdown when experts recommend it.

Mr Johnson on September 21 rejected the advice (SJ) for the emergency department for scientific advisers that a brief “circuit-breaker” lockdown was needed.

Professor Andrew Howard said the move would do more “significant damage” to the economy than the new national lockdown imposed on England on Thursday.

Professor Howard, who worked with SJ and sat on the government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group, acknowledged that “we cannot return this watch” on the imposition of sanctions.

The second lockdown will be made when the huge jump in the number of deaths comes

“But I think if we had chosen a two-week circuit break at that time, we would have saved thousands of lives,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

However, more encouraging data sources suggest that coronavirus rates in the UK may be declining.

Statistics published by the Covid Symptom Study conducted by King’s College London suggest that this rate may be closer to 1 than the previous sentiment.

The UK’s R rate – which measures how the virus is spreading – is estimated at around 1.1.

The study found that it was closer to 1.1 in England, 2.2 in Wales and 1.1 in Scotland.

This means that the number of new cases will double every 28 days.

On Friday, the government’s SAG committee estimated that the rate of daily growth was between 1.1 and 1.3, ranging from 2% to 4%.

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