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The acclaimed third party titles get big discounts before Black Friday starts

With more than a week to go until Black Friday, the Nintendo Switch is selling fast. Curries have been delivering bundles since last week, with Aldi planning big discounts on November 2nd, and there have been rumors that Tesco will also cut prices by a fraction.

But from the digital side of things, existing switch owners can discover that a new raft deal is live today. With over 60,000 games currently released on Nintendo Espe, gems are easy to get lost while trying to find. Some headlines go for literal pennies but not every sale here is equal.

There are currently no first-party alternatives, it’s all third-party developers, but there are big names, including S-Attorney, Monster Hunter, Woodworld, and more.

Despite the time it’s not a Black Friday sale, though we expect more discounts next week. At the moment, there is still a great selection of high quality releases and we have chosen our top recommendations.

If you’re looking for a bigger Black Friday switch deal, check out our suggested businesses here, and we’ll keep you updated as sales continue.

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