The next Dead Cells DLC will be available in early 2022 – Taylor Report

Bringing a conclusion on the path started by The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, The Queen and the Sea adventures with two end-game biomes (Infested Wreck, Lighthouse), an evil new boss, and a new ending as a reward. enriches it further. , To be more precise, this additional material will offer an alternative to the Château de Haute-Cieme, the abandoned distillery and the Throne Room biome.

It also includes the usual bonus, namely “9 new weapons including a throwing shark, a trident and a pirate hook (eye patch not included), a really cute ally, tons of new outfits and new enemies to slay“, we are told. Note that one of the two biomes will be particularly unusual, according to its authors.

,The sale of this DLC will allow us to continue producing our regular and free updates and develop as many ideas for Dead Cells as possible.“, underlines Motion Twin which therefore has no intention of stopping so well, even though Girondine is also working another game in the cooperative’s favor. At least, players of dead cells Will be entitled to free updates by the end of 2022.

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