The new Land Rover Defender broke just after 167 miles

Fast Lane recently bought a “long-term defender” from Land Rover in the United States, but delivery came 48 hours later. Two days and 167 miles to be more precise, which shows that Land Rover’s reputation for poor reliability is not based on rumors.

The most surprising thing about the defender we’re going to talk about today is that TFL didn’t even load it with an option that added unwanted complexity to the already incredible vehicle, excluding add destination charges from the original price of price 49,900.

One day after delivery, Fast Lane took four cylinder turbocharged SUV Near Colorado Webster Pass for some off-road fun. “The car did really well” With bone-stock tires, the boys then went to Keystone in Summit County for dinner after having fun.

Feed, hydrated and ready for the drive home, couldn’t believe the fast lane check engine light wasn’t going off after starting the car. OBD with the help of a second reader and a mobile phone found differences in the fuel-to-air ratio for Tommy and Roman Mika two and three cylinders.

After taking the defender to the dealership on Friday, everything was fine when Andre was supposed to bring him back on Tuesday. “He noticed that none of the really funny and cool cameras that we fell in love with were working.” Again at the dealership, the service technician discovered that the camera module was not working intentionally.

Even with the help of a Land Rover engineer they could not fix the heinous thing. As such, The Fast Lane module is waiting to be replaced. Roman got another piece of bad news on the phone with the dealer.

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“When can I pick up the car?” He asked, to which the service representative replied that he could not “Check engine light is on again.” The engineer decides that it needs a new injector coil, wire and injector and on top of that bombardment, do you still want that defender on the driveway?

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