The most powerful weather supercomputer in the world? Britain is getting married to Microsoft

Low UK Meteorological Office (Met the office) Has an agreement with Microsoft To achieve The most powerful supercomputer in the world For Forecast and meteorological research. In February last year, the British government earmarked 1.2 billion pounds for the “state of the art” system: it is expected that it will not only be the most advanced in its capacity, but will also fall “Will be among the top 25 supercomputers in the world and twice as powerful as any other system in the UK“.

The generated data will be used to provide More accurate warning in case of bad weather, Helps to strengthen resilience and protect the UK’s people, businesses and infrastructure from the increasing extreme effects of hurricanes, floods and snow. Without this, Accuracy of your models Will help the government to make better strategy Addressing climate change.

Need a new supercomputer To find a house in the south of the country and will be in operation in the summer of 2022 (July); This investment, coupled with a multi-year partnership with Microsoft, is expected to generate “financial gains of up to £ 13 billion” for the UK over the next decade. And since a supercomputer that studies the climate, it certainly cannot pollute Fully powered by renewable energy, with a saving of 7415 tonnes of CO2 in the first year of operation alone.

The realization of this supercomputer includes the use of the HPE Cray X system and a series of explicitly Microsoft Azure solutions. In terms of hardware we find the processor AMD EPYC third generation “Milan” for a total of 1.5 million cores and more than 60 petaflops., Which will develop over the years. In terms of storage we are talking about 4 exabytes of data on a high-performance drive.

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