The most dangerous is not a meteorological drought, but a mental drought!

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Turkey is not a water-rich, water-poor country. Climate change is increasing this poverty. Anatolian past, thirsty Turks attracted many more.

In Mikdat Kadiglu The teacher calls and shares the documents.

still Like Turkey full of water Is acting.

We are draining the lakes, if it goes on like this in Anatolia, there will be no lakes in 2050. The lake area will become history. Thirst has always been a matter of immigration in history. The cities were abandoned. Drought and thirst are another reason for migration from Syria and Iraq.

Yes, it is true that we experienced double the temperature of the last 95 years in January.

But this does not mean that this year it is so, it will rain again and dams will be filled in the following years.

Unfortunately, this view has nothing to do with science and logic. But this approach dominates the country, cities and administration. It’s raining my brother, don’t overdo it! Since the person in charge of religious matters lacks science and foresight, he relies on the prayer of rain. However, Prof. Title him “Read! Use wisdom! Work scientifically” it is said. Do you know it? The country is full of hundreds of them.

Mental illness

The caption of Mikdat Kadiolu’s article on December 18, 2020, was on cover number 247 for Science and Technology for All: The Most Dangerous Weather is not a meteorological drought, but a mental drought!

He said that water scarcity, rain, and climate should be handled as an extraordinary natural disaster like earthquake in our country, and it should be managed.We fail in our water management, the drought, insidious, dangerous and destructive that develops over time must be handled within the framework of natural disasters that will collapse the entire socioeconomic structure.“.

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If we cannot manage drought and water, we will face disaster. If the drought continues for three consecutive years, it will be a complete disaster. The socioeconomic effects of a one-year dry year are tolerable, but if it persists over a long period of time, everything will end, especially agriculture and animal husbandry.

And he says:Turkey’s problem is not just drought, but lack of water for many reasons. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the level of realizing it.And it explains 5 essential functions:

This is what he calls mental drought! You can find this number on HBT’s website.

Is the country facing a mental drought about water only?

Store rainwater

With today’s water policies, you will not be able to produce water for a growing population every year in Istanbul. To the big city I’m calling

Urban change is considered just demolished and constructed.

No, urban change is an overall issue.

It is a subject that includes water, rain and future, ideas and plans.

WithoutIt concerns the merchant, contractor and government that runs the country for profit with daily policies.

Water and the future country are Istanbul and all its cities.

The ruling channel Istanbul is chasing the completely unbearable.

The metropolitan should plan Istanbul as a basin where it would direct rain to house, roof and road. Big plans should start with small plans.

We are running for DROUGHT

Small and regular increases that limit water use are one remedy for this.

Intelligent farming etc. The country should manage water as scientifically as possible.

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In summary, thirst and rainlessness are the main medium and long-term problems including today.

This requires disaster management.

Turkey is running dry, lakes and rivers are drying up, nobody cares.

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