The Morning Show host is criticized for ‘too deep a neckline’: “He makes more appearances than Pamela Anderson!” (Photo / Video)

‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter Susannah Reid’s dress has caused a stir.

That they are quick to give their opinion on TV presenters’ outfits in the UK We already knew.

This morning Susana Reid presented the morning show ‘Good Morning Britain’ in an organization that is apparently causing quite a stir. One viewer on Twitter joked, “Susanna shows more stamina than Pamela Anderson last time.”


Others clearly disagreed with Susanna’s choice of clothes. “A little too much trouble for me at this time of day”, it seems. “Quite daring”, someone else continues.

And then there are viewers who don’t really think it’s okay. “It’s really an inappropriate organization,” someone reacted angrily to Twitter. Now high time to take a look at it:

Photo: Still Twitter ‘Good Morning Britain’

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