The Melody Director Says Marvel Movies ‘Make Us Zombies’ After First Weekend Hit

The epic sci-fi adventure song hits theaters in October and introduces audiences to the Adrights family. Director Denis Villeneuve took his own unique direction, trying to make the science-fiction experience as cinematic as possible. Now the star has compared the film to another big film.

In a recent interview, Villeneuve was asked about director Martin Scorsese’s comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Scorsese didn’t think he was “aggressive”. [Marvel movies were] Cinema. He continued: I was asked about the Marvel movies. I answered it. I’ve tried watching some of them, but they’re not mine, and they seem closer to the theme parks than the movies, because I’ve known and loved them all my life. “

The villain, who won three Oscars for his science fiction films Blade Runner 2049 and Attendance, accepted the vote.

“Maybe the problem is that standing in front of so many Marvel movies is nothing more than cutting and pasting other movies,” he explains.

“Maybe movies like this have made us a little zombie,” he said. (via El Mundo)

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Despite his comments about the Marvel series, Villanov said, “But there are a lot of great and expensive movies out there these days. I don’t feel pessimistic.”

Chikario’s director pointed to the importance of big-budget films in theaters and their relationship to politics.

He added: “Think of the Golden Age of Hollywood, how commercial films can make a different artistic proposition and thus political.

“I’ve never felt any harm or impediment in getting a generous budget to do what I wanted to do. The upside.”

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Villeneuve said: “Who said a film couldn’t be artistically relevant on a big budget at the same time? I’m currently thinking of people like Christopher Nolan or Alfonso Crone.”

Fans of the tune were somewhat concerned about the delay caused by Villeneuve’s decision to split the tune’s story in two.

The events of Dawn reportedly represent only 50 percent of Frank Herbert’s original 1965 novel.

The tune did not win at the box office, and if no other film had been available, the story would have never ended.

Fortunately, Doon’s international release appears to be very successful.

The film recently had its first weekend in some parts of the world, including France, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

The song grossed $36.8 million at the box office during its initial days of release, according to Deadline.

Of this revenue, $3.6 million was distributed through IMAX to 142 screens worldwide.

The United Kingdom and the United States, the world’s largest markets, have yet to open the picture.

This means that the number of counters will increase further in the coming months.

The song will hit the theaters on 21 October 2021.


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