The Manchester plane is one of the closest to the country to be missed by a drone

An aircraft in the skies over Greater Manchester was involved with a drone with one of the nearest recorded ones in the UK.

A report by the UN Air Force Board (UKAB) said the incident involved an Airbus A320 aircraft that had just flown 6,000 feet from Manchester Airport.

The investigation found that both pilots “saw a huge drone pass very close to the aircraft’s windscreen” in the cockpit of the EasyJet Manchester-to-Athens flight, the investigation found.

The drone was described as blue, about 50 centimeters long and weighed “at least 10 kg”.

The plane was flying 6,000 feet above Manchester Airport

The distinction between aircraft and flying gadgets was officially listed as “zero”.

The UKAB put the September 4 incident in the most serious risk category because “there was a certain risk of a collision”.

A spokesman for EasyJet said the airline “fully supported the investigation by providing all requested information”.

“The safety and well-being of passengers and crew has always been a top priority for Ezit,” he added.

“EasyJet has recognized the growing popularity of drones and therefore welcomes the efforts of the ESA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and other regulators across Europe to regulate the region and take this matter seriously and ensure The right measures and rules have been put in place to ensure that the safety of the aircraft is not compromised. “

It was one of eight misses featured in the UKAB’s latest monthly report on aircraft and drones or suspected drones.

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The CAA’s Code of Conduct, Droncode, sets rules for drone users to stay below 400 feet and fly at least 50 meters (144 feet) away from buildings and people.

In March 2019, the drone no-fly zone was extended in the vicinity of airports to protect aircraft.

The new law bans gadgets from flying within 3.1 miles of the airport.

Previously, there was only 0.6 miles of territory.

Nearly 1,000 flights were canceled or diverted over 36 hours due to drone sightings at Gatwick Airport in December 2018, affecting more than 140,000 passengers running at Christmas.

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