The MacOS Big Tune isn’t here yet but Apple has released a useful update for your MacBook

The MacOS Big Tune isn't here yet but Apple has released a useful update for your MacBook

Apple has spent a busy week releasing software updates for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch owners, but Mac users are probably disappointed that MacOS 11.0 Big Tune wasn’t released at the same time. This blockbuster Mac upgrade was announced in June along with iOS 14, iPad OS 14 and OS 7 View at Apple’s annual developer conference.

Every other operating system upgrade from Apple is now available to users around the world, Big Tune remains unsatisfied. This is not unusual. Last year, Max Catalina arrived several weeks after pushing the iPhone to iOS 13.

In fact, Catalina was officially released in October, 2019, and it looks like Big Tune could go on a similar launch date. Apple never released details about the release of its operating system until a few days before it became available, but we’ll probably hear more news about the Mac OS Big Tune in the coming weeks.

Apple has promised to launch a new Mac powered by its own custom-designed processor before the end of the year. A good opportunity to say.

While your Mac still doesn’t have all the new features you need, Apple has announced the release of a new upgrade to Safari that is available for download today.

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The US agency said that Safari 14.0 introduces new features, even faster performance and improved protection. Once installed you will get a new tab bar design that shows more tabs onscreen and displays favicons by default.

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A customizable start page allows you to set a background image and add new sections, and a privacy report now shows cross-site trackers that are blocked by intelligence tracking resistance.

To get the latest version of Safari, just click System Preferences in the Apple menu and click Software Update.

You will then see a button that says Update Now says click it and the installation will begin although Safari needs to be rebooted before features are available.

Of course, with this release it has made a big difference to the design of this OS, which features a brand new control center with a little update, advanced messaging and bonus features like customizable menu bar

Speaking about the change, Craig Federigi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, said:

“With its modern and clean look, huge improvements to the core apps including Safari, Messages and Maps and new privacy features, we think the breakthrough experience that MacOS Big Tune offers will appeal to everyone.” will bring you a release date as soon as you hear more with Week.

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