The Lord of the Rings, filming moves to UK for second season

The filming of the first season of the Lord of the Rings TV series has just ended, but the idea is already on the next season, at least with regards to securing locations. New episodes of Amazon series will actually be shot in the UK, and not in New Zealand.

After announcing the first date for The Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime Video and showing us the first, spectacular official image of the much-anticipated show, we get another piece of news about the project.

second season of the day The Lord of the Rings In fact it will be shot in the UK, breaking the tradition of the franchise, which had so far seen New Zealand as a preferred location.

As reported by Amazon, The decision to move production to the UKaligns with the studio’s strategy of expanding its manufacturing footprint and investing in locations at its disposal in the UK, the same country where many of its series and many of its films have already been shot“.

For now, no specific location is indicated, but The Wrap said that “a source familiar with the situation” would reveal that plans are already in place, and that an announcement would come at a later date.

First, the site still remembers, Edinburgh was one of the places the production considered as the backdrop for the first season of the show., but then opted for New Zealand. Could it be the right time for Scotland?

Post-production for the first season of The Lord of the Rings will continue in New Zealand until June 2022, while The pre-production phase of the second will start in the UK after the first of the year, always as indicated by the study.

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