“The location of the Franco-British border in Calais is an obstacle to seeking asylum in the United Kingdom”

Tribune. Will there be as many deaths crossing the Channel as crossing the Mediterranean Sea to answer the question of access to the right of asylum at the British border? So far, Calais (Pas-de-Calais) and the surrounding situation have been described by well-established criticisms, sometimes “all is well”. But the proposed solution, period.

The number of extra-European migrants in Calais has apparently stagnated since the evacuation of the “forest” in 2016. The systematic evacuation of all camps, carried out by the French authorities (police), maintains the number of migrants present in Calais. One thousand or two thousand. At the cost of a serious deterioration in their living conditions, which our robbers are well aware of, and which the National Human Rights Advisory Commission (CNCDH) noted in its opinion of 11 February. But the flows, both departures and arrivals, as we imagine, are increasing significantly.

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These departures are now taking place in two directions: in France, either through shelters more or less distant from Calais, where they often return, or spontaneously through the continuance of their wanderings, notably Denied or “Dublin”. come from. another member state of the European Union (EU); Or to the UK, by boat, via illegal and dangerous crossings, since overland routes have been effectively closed (over 10,000 since the beginning of 2021; up to about 1,000 on some days in August).

equal to pushback

These migrants are not adequately informed of their rights, as underlined by the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Paris, as in London. But we must consider them for a large part as asylum seekers in the United Kingdom, prevented by the location of this border in Calais from making this request.

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We can see this from the fact that these migrants do not ask to submit asylum applications in France, or at the very least, when they take asylum in a French device that allows this, a reception center and administrative conditions examination. (CAES); and the fact that those who cross the United Kingdom covertly by boat systematically apply for asylum upon arrival in the United Kingdom (98% of recorded arrivals in 2021), and subsequently are also recognized as refugees in a general proportion (about 50% ) in relation to the average recognition rates of asylum seekers in Europe.

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