The lines of the Brexit war have been drawn again – it’s 2019 again

The lines of the Brexit war have been drawn again - it’s 2019 again

European Commission Vice-President Marouane Chefoviev only came to greet the informal meeting and Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove, when leaked documents were released at noon advising the EU to consider taking legal action as well as descending into a trade war. UK.

The government reiterated that the provisions were merely a “safety net”, but another former Tory leader, Michael Howard, did not see it, saying the law would harm the UK’s “potential and respect for the rule of law.”

The European Commission then issued a statement threatening to cancel trade talks altogether and accusing the government of “causing serious damage to the trust between the EU and the UK”.

It was later denounced in a statement by Lord Frost in the evening, confirming that the two sides had agreed to meet again in Brussels next week. There were even “useful exchanges,” he added, and Mr. Bernier commented that “significant differences remain.”

Article 37 of the European Union (Withdrawal Act) 2020 reminds Brussels that “the withdrawal agreement is explicitly subject to the principle of parliamentary sovereignty”, outlining the government’s legal position, in a separate statement: . “

With a majority of 60, despite strong resistance in the upper house, the government is determined to pass the bill in both houses in the next two weeks.

On Thursday night, a Tory Grandi uprising erupted in the Commons in an attempt to veto the entire parliamentary project.

The lines of the Brexit war have been drawn again and again looks like 2019.

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