The license fee for the BBC, the British public broadcasting service, will disappear

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United Kingdom: License fees for the BBC, the British public audiovisual service, will disappear
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While the French public service was on strike on Tuesday against plans to abolish the audiovisual license fee, the BBC, a British public service, should experience the same fate in 2027.

For over a hundred years, the BBC has enabled Britons to follow news on television, radio and the Internet. The public audiovisual giant is weak, however. The government will eliminate fees of 184 euros per year from 2027, which worries employees. A union representative recalls that the contribution finances 75% of the BBC’s budget, which does not depend on advertising.

No replacement plan is planned, while the fee is frozen for two years and hence will not be able to increase at the rate of inflation. “It will put more money in the pockets of retirees, families, who are struggling to meet their needs.“, assures the government.

For media expert Claire Anders, the decision could be seen as political vendetta. Boris Johnson may have considered the BBC very critical, especially during the Brexit campaign. “This naturally places an existential pressure on the public service as a whole”, she explains. Posts will be cut to save money.

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