The legend died after a week-long battle with Covid in the Liverpool music scene

One of Liverpool’s music scene legends has died in hospital after a week-long battle with a serious Covid-19.

Humby Haralambus, founder of the Motor Museum Studio in Lark Lane, which hosts bands including Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, committed suicide with the coronavirus last night.

His death evoked a tendency to mourn from his friends and colleagues who revered him only as a creative force in the city, in his later career as a film director, producer and visual artist.

Hamby was at the forefront of the popular synth band Hamby and the Dance in the early 1970s, signed to Virgin Records, before recording and directing other artists and retraining the film.

Dad died several weeks before his death, but 2 face September posted a disturbing picture on his Facebook page showing him wearing a bubble-shaped helmet attached to a oxygen bed in a hospital bed.

The image was titled with general caution: “To all my Facebook friends who think Kovid is cheating. Think again.”

Close friend and collaborator Andy McCluskey, lead singer of Dark’s Orchestral Manuvers, told ECHO: “Honestly, I feel like my soul is torn from me.”

Liverpool music and creative scene legend Humbi Haralambos dies after a week-long battle with serious Covid-19

Mr McCluskey said he had come to have lunch with Hamby a few weeks before he went to the hospital, but the upcoming gig meant he was too busy to meet.

He said: “We have been music and spectacular friends and creative partners for many years.

“You name it, he did it. He was relentlessly positive, it’s amazing about him. He moved a lot harder in his life and it wasn’t always easy for him, but he always came back strong with a good idea.

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“He had such a huge support.

“There were times when I felt a little uncertain or a little shaken up, but he always told me to trust the people you work with.

“If someone needed your support value which they do and always invest in people, it was like his mantra.

“To be honest I fainted today.”

Mr McCluskey said Hamby, who was the husband of grandfather and wife Leslie, had been ill for several weeks, but many of his friends felt he would recover.

Andy McCluskey

He said: “He was in the ICU for several weeks and was out and he had a very serious case of covid.

“I had a case at a very similar time but I was only sick for two days, I just didn’t feel 100%. It goes to show what the total lottery of this disease is.”

Other well-known figures in Liverpool’s creative scene have expressed their memories and grief at the news of Hamby’s death.

Francesco Melina, a well-known photographer for his work with bands including The Clash, posted on Facebook: “My heart is pounding right now.

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“My oldest friend Hamby took Haralambus to the hands of the terrible Kovid-19. I just couldn’t get his head. It looked like he was on his way to recovery. Sadly, that’s not how it turned out.”

“Humbi, I had my first friend when I arrived in Liverpool. We became very good friends and our shared love for music, art and culture set a record label among us and helped local musicians in the 80’s.

“We had disagreements between us, who didn’t, but I always admired his perseverance and the drive to make things happen.

“At the moment it’s hard for me to remember that I’ll never see him again and I won’t talk to him again. Brother I’ll miss you. Brother, take a rest in Hamby.”

“My sincere condolences to Leslie and her children.”

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The Liverpool band The Real People posted: “Hamby has been helping Real People manage since the mid-90s, and it was at the Humber Pink Motor Museum studios in Lark Lane that Real recorded some of their most famous tracks and albums, notably ‘What’s Out.’

“Humbe was admitted to the hospital by Covid-19 and in his last Facebook post from his hospital bed, Humbi warned his friends that Covid-19 is not a hoax and that everyone should start being more careful about the epidemic.

“This humbi was really typed, even while fighting for his life he was thinking of his friends.”

Humbi’s work, however, will continue.

Mr. McCluskey said OMD is scheduled to tour next year and their show will feature film screenings made by Humby a decade ago.

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Hamby was known as a champion of good cause including black rights and made several documentaries.

Mr McCluskey added: “Right now, I’m very sorry for his family and I’m so sorry for the city. It’s about losing someone who did a lot of great work.”

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