The least corrupt countries on the continent are …

In early 2021, Transparency International once again made public its famous Corruption Perception Index (CPI) in the world. All 54 African countries were rated according to the index criteria, but some managed to score more than 50 points on average.

In the end, they are the only six African countries to succeed in the challenge of averaging over 50/100. The other 48 are at the bottom of the leaderboard, which is synonymous with high level of corruption. The best students in the class are Seychelles (27th in the world), Botswana, Cape Verde, but also Rwanda, Mauritius and Namibia, with scores varying between 66 and 51 points.

The continental top 10 is completed by Sao Tome and Prinsep, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia, which are rated from 47 to 44 points.

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These African countries are well above the continental average, which is just 32 points, the region most affected by corruption in the world.

This year’s report cannot ignore the context of Kovid-19 where the most corrupt countries have the worst health system.

“Various reports suggest that corruption affects the overall response to Kovid-19, whether it is access to screening tests, treatment and other health services, as well as public procurement of medical supplies and general emergency preparedness”, Transparency International Is estimated

Because, it must be remembered that, the more corruption there is, the more public money is to the health establishments, which are taken into the clutches of potential beneficiaries of health services.

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