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OhNaturally, Cummins was busy on Monday deciding not to dismiss the prime minister after he was found guilty of dissolving the cabinet over the “unintentional” decision to assassinate Preity Patel. Instead, the Home Secretary’s behavior was long forgotten because Boris Johnson used the time to announce new coronavirus measures instead.

Speaking via video link number ten, where he is still self-isolated, Johnson said that we are back to the tiered system, which worked so well for the first time that a second lockdown became a necessity. Although these new layers will be quite different from the old layers. Unnecessary retailers and gyms are now open to all levels and in some ways they will feel more comfortable. And in Level 1 and 2, some outdoor and indoor spectators were allowed to attend sports events, while in Level 2, no one was allowed to enter until adequate food was provided. Go to the figure.

Tier 3 will be like the current national lockdown with less or less bits omitted. It felt like something the Liberal branch of the Tory party was tied together behind a fag packet in the cabinet without doing anything based on scientific evidence of acceptable power.

But Boris didn’t want us to feel too indifferent about everything. Vaccine trials seemed promising, testing was improving, and best of all we could be more or less back to normal by Easter. And as a special treat – although he has yet to go into the exact details – there will be a kind of general forgiveness at Christmas so that families can be reunited.

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Although it had to be kept awake for the time being, because if the coronavirus gets any relaxed air in the systems, it works overtime and may try to take advantage by leaving many older relatives dead in January and February. Again, it’s been a long year for Covid-19, too, so the virus could probably do it in a four-day break.

Kayr Starmer didn’t sound completely believable sound she had already heard a lot of broken promises from Johnson and wanted some more details about the package before she blessed him by supporting the government on all his previous public health measures. How confident was Johnson that these new levels would not end in another lockdown?

And when will he announce which regions will be placed at which levels? While London and the parts of the south-east – where the rate was highest – remained at level 2, they left some people in the north of England very frustrated if they returned to their level 3. On the one hand, as Starmer said, the government has rather forgotten the track and isolated the test, the track, and the isolated.

But it was little more than a worthy thank you for his answers to the Labor leader for his support at the time of his most uninterrupted time, and he again gave this chamber a unique idea that he was more interested in taking action than in his own party. Interested was designed to defeat the virus

Something emerged in response to Mark Harper, who announced that he and his fellow Conservative MP Steve Baker had written to the Prime Minister demanding proof of policy. It felt like trying to get parents to prove the existence of Santa, although the claim of unemployed policy-driven evidence was first for the MP on behalf of Wycombe then Brexit would threaten to go to the European Court of Human Rights. Oops. He already has. Embarrassment is not lost on anyone.

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At some point the sound link dropped from number ten. “Have you silenced yourself?” The speaker said Lindsay Whale is optimistic. “Did you press the button?” Nothing yet. Boris’s IT skills don’t seem to have improved significantly since Jennifer Arquury’s lessons.

As Whale was about to adjourn the session amidst much laughter, you could clearly hear Johnson shout: “There’s something wrong with the word.” But the speaker had already heard a lot and handed the next 45 minutes of the session to Matt Hancock to answer the question, because he thought we might want to hear more intelligently.

Virtual Commons Address – Boris Johnson’s voice dropped during the video

Not that the health secretary didn’t have a better answer than Boris, but more or less than the prime minister, his remarks seem more serious in his post-rival answers. The edge of the burden of panic in Door Matt’s voice was the edge not only unexpectedly placed on the scene, the latest measures with self-awareness to act as conjectures as the former.

We got Johnson back just after 5pm, probably from another house at No. 10 that was quickly converted into a new ComS Nerve Center, one by one you can manage the broadband connection via a private hotspot. But we haven’t actually learned anything new.

It seemed that a few hours later when he surpassed Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, and Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford Vaccine, Boris was still waiting on the Downing Street lactator with a few extra parts as he failed to show up on his remote screen. But eventually the prime minister was able to reboot his laptop for a press conference that was originally re-launched in his Commons statement, although more attention should be paid to the vaccine.

Johnson happily went on a string of lazy metaphors – “the umol of horsemen on top of the hill”, “the season must be very cheerful, but the season must also be very careful” – “tear the disease” before spreading psala.

Not for the first time, scientists were reminded of everyone, primarily to ignore the Prime Minister and listen to them instead.

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