The law firm is already investigating the PS5 dualucin drift

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In recent times, several reports have surfaced in the infamous drift Dualism, Control for Playstation 5. While a large number of users who are suffering from it, a law firm is already investigating the issue and indicates everything. Sony You may be in serious trouble.

Schwartz Criner and Donaldson Chewing Gum The company is involved, and on its website you can find a form already designed to receive complaints about Dualism They do so in an effort to gather enough evidence to initiate a class action lawsuit Sony. Here is his official statement:

“SK&D is investigating a potential class action lawsuit based on reports that Sony’s DualDisk may experience control drift issues for PlayStation 5 or fail prematurely. In particular, some dualinks’ joysticks automatically record movements when some joystick is not in use and interferes with the game. “

In addition, this law firm also wants to know whether Sony Bahati did something about the reports, as well as the type of experience users had when contacting customer service at the Japanese company.


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