The last tickets of Distinti Inferior and Posillipo remain

Latest tickets available for Naples-Lazio, which will take place at Maradona Stadium at 20.45. The upper and lower curves have been sold out for days, with the final coupons for the lower Distinti and a few dozen remaining for the Tribuna Posilipo. SSC Napoli’s initiatives, including a curve below €15 (above €25) and the ‘Tribuna Young’ at a discounted rate of €3.00 for football schools, facilitate sales momentum.

These are the prices and details provided by SSCNapoli:
Posillipo Stand € 80.00
Tribuna Nisida € 60,00
Tribuna Family Adultto € 15,00 / € 5,00 (under 12)
Your € 50.00
Curve Upper Ring € 25.00
Curve Bottom Ring € 15.00

Each fan can connect to the TikTok site and purchase tickets online with the obligation to recognize the loyalty card. Each fan can purchase up to 4 tickets. Once the purchase process is complete, the fan will receive the title in digital format (PDF) via email, will be required to print it and show it at the stadium entrance. Also it will be possible to buy coupons for free sale at all TikTok authorized sales centers. This is the list:

User change will not be allowed. This is the link to buy the coupon

Online purchases can also be made by uploading the title to your Fidelity card. This mode of sale requires that the access ticket be linked to a Fidelity card which must be used to access the stadium turnstile by entering the identification number at the time of purchase and reading the bar code. The seat assigned to the stadium will be indicated on the placeholder document, the printout of which is available on the Internet address: for tickets loaded on the card page by entering the requested information and To go to the next page, through the link print placeholders.

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The placeholder document must be printed and presented upon every request from the control staff present at the stadium, but the placeholder document, alone, does not represent a valid entry ticket. In fact, to access the stadium, it is necessary to bring your loyalty card and placeholder documents and an identity document with you.

To use the facility, visitors must be in possession of one of the COVID-19 Green Certificates referenced in Art. 9 decree of law n. 52/2021; This provision does not apply to people under the age of 12, as well as those who have an appropriate medical certification of exemption from SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

It is possible to consult procedures for obtaining a green certificate at the following link: We also remind you of the equivalence of the Covid-19 Green Certification of Vaccination and Treatment certificates issued by the following countries: Canada, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Chanel) excluding island and British bases on the island of Cyprus and territories belonging to the European continent) and the United States, identified by order of the Minister of Health dated 29.07.2021 and subsequent circular of 30.7.221.

Spectators must wear a mask for the entire duration of the event and respect the assigned seat. Body temperature will be measured at the entrances, all people with a temperature equal to or more than 37.5° will not be allowed inside the stadium. SSC Napoli reminds its fans to read and respect SSC Napoli usage rules and code of conduct

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