The Last Kingdom season 5: Netflix release date, trailer and plot

Season 5 is expected to be more grand than the previous one with a thrilling storyline and thrilling fight sequences. The Netflix series will once again incorporate real historical events.

For four seasons, Netflix took viewers on a sensational journey. However, the series will end after the fifth season. Despite the decision to end the series after five seasons, Netflix had announced a feature film, Seven Kings Must Die.

The cast and crew returned to Hungary in 2022 to begin production on the film’s sequel, during production for The Last Kingdom Season 5 in June 2021. Newsweek has all the information on Season 5.

When is The Last Kingdom season 5 release date?

Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will launch on Netflix on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, two years after Season 4 launched on the streaming platform. See all: Red Notice Season 2: Release Date Updates, Cast and Summary,

Typically, in the US, new Netflix episodes air from 3:00AM EST or 12:00PM PST, while in the UK, the broadcast time is usually 8:00AM GMT.

The Last Kingdom being a Netflix original series, it is only available on the service’s platform.

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Is there a trailer for The Last Kingdom Season 5?

Yes, Netflix released The Last Kingdom Season 5 trailer on February 9, 2022, which is just a month before the official release of the new season.

The trailer begins with a discussion on peace between the Saxons and Danes in England, before moving on to King Edward’s ambition to unite the Saxon kingdoms. It’s clear in the clip that Uhtred is destined to do something big. what is that ? You might be surprised. The formidable warrior must protect the illegitimate son of Edward, the future king of England, Athelstan.

However, others, notably Lord Ethelheim, have ambitions to see his grandson Alfward, Edward’s second son, rule England.

What will happen in season 5 of The Last Kingdom?

Netflix has shared a detailed synopsis of The Last Kingdom’s fifth and final season, it reads:

“Years have passed since the events of last season, and King Edward still pursues his ambitions to unite the Saxon kingdoms [réaliser] dream of his late father. Although the Danes and the Saxons have long been at peace now, this harmony is in danger.

“Not only from a new Danish invasion but also by a Saxon revolt. Uhtred was tasked with defending Edward’s illegitimate son, the future King of England, Athelstan. But in the treacherous Lord Ethelheim, Edward’s second son, his grandson Alfvrd Have the ambition to rule. »

The synopsis continues: “We follow Uhtred as he confronts his greatest enemies, and in his quest to fulfill his destiny, inflict immeasurable losses. Fights hard for peace between peacekeeping and authoritarianism.

“In a surprising twist of fate, Uhtred learns that England’s quest for unification may well be tied to her personal fate. »

Season 5 of The Last Kingdom premieres Wednesday, March 9, 2022, on Netflix.

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