The last drop of oil makes “Pashtan” …

The global economy is far from a cliché dominated by digital giants, a study commented on Friday Robert Jules Shows on the contrary that they are The most “respectable” companies, the “senior companies” that actually dominate innovation. And, thanks to this, those who resist the best in facing various secular crises. Our economic columnists bring the Lindy effect up to date, indicating that an entity that is protected over time increases its ability to increase its life expectancy.

Unfortunately, this is not yet fully valid for humans … but for companies, it does work, however, in carbon energy, the question is worth noting … Is “venerable” oil of prime time Will you survive the change? Will they be able to change course and invest to fully enter the low-carbon economy of the 21st century? Will they have time as the warming countdown changes?

After general meetings dominating the issue of climate in Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total, the week on NGOs was hot and cold. On Thursday, he welcomed the court’s decision in The Hague that ordered Shell to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions. A victory was thwarted on Friday by a referendum received by Total that was presented for the first time A consultative proposal on climate for the vote of its shareholders.

From Anglo-Saxon inspiration, such as “pay on pay” (on directors’ salaries), This “Say on the Climate” was won hands-on by Patrick Poyne, CEO of TotalEnergies, The new name of the French chief to materialize his industrial turn. The fury of Reclaim Finance and Greenpeace, who activated their network to convince big investors to vote, have met their failed expectations, says Juliet Raynal Who followed this historical GA.

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Rebel minorities include Meashart, La Banke Postel Asset Management and CNP Assurance. Others, including Amundi and AXA, most significantly, have chosen Realpolitik, arguing for a total decision to consult their shareholders on the climate and the remuneration of their executives for the reduction of CO2 emissions from absolute value. If the rebellion started at Total, Patrick Poyne had to pull out all the stops to explain: The CEO said Total had ambitions to become “a leader in green energy”. To achieve this objective, the group will invest extensively: renewable energy, CO2 capture and storage technology, hydrogen, etc. TotalEnergies is also committed to ensuring that global so-called “scope 3” emission levels are linked to its use of products. Customers (such as fuel burned in cars or airplanes) are lower than the 2015 levels in 2030, though without giving a set target. This is because this “Scope 3” depends on us more definitely …

Indicate that the world is first pointing to the tip of its nose, Airbus would never have planned to build so many aircraft, pay attention Fabrice Gliszynski. With the envisaged rates for the A320 and A220, Airbus will be able to deliver more than 1000 aircraft by the middle of the decade, unprecedented in the history of aeronautics. The road to TotalEnergies, the new name of the French chief, towards the “last drop of oil” is still long.

Thus another major concern to get out of the crisis, Alien Hunting Threats Hovering over French strategic companies, underscores Michel Cabirol, who listened to the Senate in the SISSE, which heads Bercy, the strategic information and economic security service based in Joffre Celestin-Urban. A rare word and worrisome word.

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Bursi which is in the news headlines by calling for an end to the aid to companies against the backdrop of the revision and revision of the 2021 budget. It should be said that the state’s deficit will exceed 9% this year, announced Bruno Mayer, Minister of Economy for whom “We reached that point of releasing ‘whatever happens’ but we are doing it slowly. “. To understand that the state financed Macronians “at whatever cost”, our macro journalists Gregory Normando followed One day at Agence France Treasure, in Bursi’s bowels. As head of the AFT since 2015, Anthony Requin revealed some secrets to him to keep the balance and borrow a record amount of 260 billion euros with the Kovid crisis last year. “Debt is certainly very high but it costs very little”, He insists.

Good news of the week came from French Tech, where ContentSquare’s record fundraiser, The French champion of the analysis of Internet user behavior on websites, impressed our tech journalist Sylvain roland. With 14 unicorns, France is still clearly behind the United Kingdom (37 at the end of 2020) and Germany (16 at the end of 2020). But 2021 signifies a pronounced acceleration. La Tribune investigates these highly dynamic companies that will probably be CAC 40 and future “respected companies”.


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