The Kremlin accuses Washington of interfering but says it is up for discussion

MOSCOW, Jan.24 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin will respond favorably to US President Joe Biden’s request to negotiate with the new administration, a Kremlin spokesman said on Sunday to intervene in Washington’s mass protests on Saturday Accusing said. The country in favor of the release of Russian rival Alexey Navalny.

The Kremlin dropped the scale of these demonstrations, resulting in about 3,500 arrests in Russia.

Prior to the protests, the US Embassy Moscow issued warning messages requesting US citizens to avoid rallies and cite cities where the protests were scheduled.

“Of course these publications are inappropriate,” Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Rossia 1 television channel Kremlin, quoted the Interfax news agency on Sunday.

“And of course, indirectly, they constitute a complete interference in our internal affairs. Therefore, it is a direct support for the violation of the law of the Russian Federation.”

The US embassy said in emailed comments that such warnings were “customary and common practice” of diplomatic missions in many countries.

The embassy said, “The embassies and consulates of the United States regularly deliver security messages to our citizens.”

The US urged Russia to arrest protesters and journalists on Saturday during the mobilization in support of Alexei Navalny, and condemned the “harsh tactics” used against them.

In central Moscow, where Reuters reporters estimated the number of protesters at 40,000, police were seen arresting people and carrying them to nearby vans.

Relations DGRADES

Alexei Navalny was arrested last Sunday and jailed for alleged parole violations after returning to Russia for the first time after being poisoned by a nerve agent.

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Anticipating a possible arrest, he had urged his supporters to participate in repeated demonstrations, including one on Saturday, before returning.

Even before the naval affair, diplomatic relations between Moscow and Washington were already at their lowest since the Cold War, with two major points of tension: Russian interference in Ukraine and perceived Russian interference in elections. American women, who later deny it.

Earlier on Sunday, Dmitry Peskov nevertheless adopted a more melodious voice, leading to the belief that Russia was ready to open a dialogue with Joe Biden’s new administration.

According to the Interfax news agency, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Of course, we hope the establishment of a dialogue will be successful.”

“This will be a dialogue where the points of divergence have to be named to a large extent. But at the same time, in a dialogue, there is always the possibility of finding elements, no matter how small, that may bring us together. Is. ”, He said.

“And if the current administration of the United States supports this view, I have no doubt that our president will also respond to it.”

Vladimir Putin was the last head of state to congratulate Joe Biden for his election.

One of the hot issues at the moment is the New Start Strategic Arms Reduction Agreement, which expires on 5 February.

The White House said last week that Joe Biden wanted to pursue the deal for another five years, which the Kremlin said was in favor of it, but said it was waiting for a concrete resolution from the Americans.

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In addition to the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom on Saturday condemned the use of force by police against Russian protesters. French and Italian foreign ministers both expressed support for sanctions against Moscow.

(Vladimir Soldkin, French version Caroline Peelys and Blandine Hanault)

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